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Every responsible resident is always ready to pay his taxes at time. It is important to know how much one has to pay as income tax. Tax Calculator Australia is the perfect tool to find out the exact amount of tax payable. This way you can set aside the amount from your budget and plan other expenses accordingly.

Income Tax Calculator Australia is essential when you want to know the exact taxable amount. In the Australian Income Tax system the taxable amount begins after $6000. So a person having an income range above this amount must know the Australia income tax rates and use the Australia Income tax calculator. By this you know the various tax benefits, tax refunds, medical levy and flood levy amount. This will give you brief idea about your expenses and savings in Australia, after paying required amount of income tax.

Income tax rates in Australia are different for each income slab and tax payers are liable to pay tax according to their respective tax rates calculated through income tax calculator for Australia. Income tax calculator of Australian income tax department is usually of 2 types;

  • Simple tax calculator
  • Comprehensive tax calculator

The simple tax calculator is available to calculate the tax on your taxable income.

You can calculate Medicare levy, tax offset, higher education loan scheme and tax credits using comprehensive tax calculator. This enables you to get an estimate of the amount of debt and tax refund.

Using the tax withheld calculator you can find out how much your employer is going to withhold from your payments. The employer needs following information to calculate the WTC;

  • Tax File Number
  • Withholding declaration
  • Medical levy variation declaration

Simple Tax Calculator is meant to calculate the taxable amount on the income and excludes Medicare levy, Medicare levy surcharge, Student Financial Supplement Scheme (SFSS) and Higher Education Loan Program. It depends on your resident status and the income year you are paying the tax for. Income tax rates differ for residents of Australia and the foreigners, so it’s important to know your status and pay tax accordingly.

Comprehensive tax Calculator is used for estimating tax refunds or debt from 2008-09 to 2010-11 financial year, along with your payable tax.

For medical levy calculations you require to mention the following data and find out the tax payable;

  • Is the payee is claiming half, full or no exemption or variation from the levy.
  • Does the payee have a spouse?
  • Is the payee claiming reduced amount of levy?
  • Number of dependent children claimed
  • Combined income less than applicable amount in Ready Reckoner?

The following information is necessary to calculate income tax in a tax calculator;

  • Availability of TFN
  • In case TFN is not supplied how much to be deducted?
  • Is the tax payer an Australian resident or a foreigner?
  • Is the payee under tax free threshold?
  • Is the payee exempted from Temporary Flood and Cyclone Reconstruction Levy?

Accessing this information can enable you to determine the amount for tax offset.

Miscellaneous data is also required for calculating the comprehensive tax in the calculator;

  • Payee receives payments or not
  • Find out if the payee is entitled to annual leave loading or not
  • What is his Gross income
  • Does the payee have a Financial Supplement debt or not?
  • Does the payee have any Higher Education Loan debt or not?

Calculating tax in Australia is not as easy as you think it to be; so many constraints are there to take care of. Every threshold has its own rates and extra levies applicable. Hence the tax calculator considers all the minute details before showing the tax payable.

As we know minor children earning regular income from their salary are also required to pay taxes and they get tax benefits only if the income is from salary. If they have earnings from trusts and interests on other assets then they are not entitled to avail any tax benefits. The tax rates are as per the regular rates as adults. Tax benefit of $1500 is available to minor children in case they are eligible to get so, else they don’t get any relaxation and pay the full amount like adult tax payers.